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For the first-time flyer, air travel can seem like a daunting task. How do you process travel documents? Where do you get visa/entry permits? Where do you buy a ticket? What happens when you get to the airport? Do you need identification? Although the options and questions seem endless, there is no need to worry: as long as you can ask questions, you can successfully fly.

and that is why we are here

We will dish out travel tips from time to time to keep you abreast with events and changes in travel laws globally as they happen.






A new electronic device regulation has been announced globally, effective 25 March 2017.

According to Tourism Update, they announced the below regulations on their website on 22 March 2017.

Going forward, there is a ban on personal devices in carry-on luggage.

Such devices include cameras, tablets and laptops.

Only Smart Phones will be permitted in carry-on luggage for travelers to  United States of America via the following airlines and hubs:

  • Emirates (DXB)

  • Turkish Airlines (IST)

  •  Etihad (AUH)

  • Qatar (DOH)

  • EgyptAir (CAI)

  •  Saudia (JED)

At this stage, direct flights operated by  Delta Air Lines are not affected by the USA Department of Homeland Security (DHS) ban on carrying certain electronic devices in the cabin.

Travelers flying into the United Kingdom can no longer take devices that larger than 16cm x 9,3cm x 1,5cm as carry-on luggage on flights from Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia.

The UK has not included flights from Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Doha as yet.

Although passengers can pack such items into their checked baggage, note that travel insurance does not cover high-value items that are in checked-in luggage.

Please note that Medical devices are excluded from this regulation.

The ban has been introduced as a deterrent for potential terrorist attacks.


Banned items

The following items are completely banned from aircraft, and should not be brought to the airport:

Explosive and incendiary materialsFlammable ItemsGases and pressure containers, MatchesOxidizers and organic peroxides-Bleach, nitric acid, fertilizers, swimming pool or spa chemicals, and fiberglass repair kits, Poisons, Infectious materials- Medical laboratory specimens, viral organisms, and bacterial cultures, Corrosives, Organics- Fiberglass resins, peroxides, Radioactive materials, Magnetic materials, Marijuana (cannabis)Other dangerous items such as Tear gas, spay paint, swimming pool or spa chlorine, and torch lighters.

Also includes are items of personal nature such as scissors, razor blades, which shoul only be checked in and not to be carried in hand luggage.