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It is a tool that can be used to motivate people involved in an organization’s success – It can be used to reward them for a job well done or excellent
sales results as the case may be. They can be employees, dealers, distributors, salespeople, consultants, and even key customers.

At Orit Travels and Tours, we understand the impact travel incentives can have on a company’s bottom line and that is why we are here.

Once we understand your company culture, top performers, goals, budget, and what gets your team excited, we’ll bounce ideas back and forth until we find one that is just right.

It could be that luxury safari for your team, or a tropical getaway to an ultra-exclusive resort. We will make it a personalized experience from the time you pick up the phone to when they walk back in that front door, suitcase in-hand, and a huge smile on their faces.

Orit Travel agents work hard to create smooth, worry-free incentive experiences, from airport pickups and ground transfers, to staying in constant contact with vendors. We’re even available to meet your out-of-country guests to make sure they get on that cruise ship on time. And – we know how to have fun.

If you have a hard-line budget, we can work with you to create packages that allow your best employees to choose their own adventures. We love to think outside the box, and we can often negotiate extra perks and lower rates for groups.

We have a few suggested types of incentive travel


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What kind of groups do you manage? It can be a small fellowship group, sports team, friendship group or a professional team.

No matter the size, our aim is to give your group an experience that they’ll remember for a lifetime.

We can guarantee exotic, fun destinations that will transform your employees into a winning team.

At Orit Travels, we are dedicated to giving you the highest quality of support and follow-through on your incentive plans so you can achieve big results within your budget.

But our support doesn’t end there.

We guarantees support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That means we are available at any hour to ensure your group incentive travel goes exactly as planned.

Call Orit Travel today, and transform your group tomorrow!


abIndividual incentive travel is a popular

choice for many reasons.

Sending one couple on a fabulous trip is cost effective.

Your winning individual can choose their own reward for meeting his or her goals.

You can afford even more WOW-factor such as a Private island with butler.

Your other employees will see the winner and think “that’ll be me next year.”

You can reward multiple individuals for meeting their goals.The beauty of individual incentives is that the prize is whatever the individualwants it to be. For one, it might be a dream vacation on the Caribbean. For another, it might be a week spent experiencing a kaleidoscope of landscapes, wildlife and people of Africa. The incentives can be as individual as, well, the individual. And there’s no better motivation than that.


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Incentive travel! This is simply “business travel that helps motivate employees or partners; a way to both incentivize and reward team members for their achievements.”

An incentive travel program is something that can bring a myriad of benefits to your company. Travel incentives are both more effective in inspiring employees to perform better, and in saving money for the company. Giving employees unforgettable memories of working in your organisation is an excellent way to foster their loyalty, which means you get to hold on the best talent for a long time. Loyal, inspired employees are more enthusiastic in their work and will inevitably do a better job. They’ll sell more of your product, help increase your market share and boost your profits. What more could you ask for?

There are all kinds of incentives that businesses use or at least have tried using to push employees to be more productive. The prospect of travel has proven time and again to be the most effective of these incentives. It plays to human desires for adventure, fun and curiosity about the unknown. A cash bonus might mean they can treat themselves to a spa day, a shopping spree or a big family meal, but the chance for what they previously thought of as a “once in a lifetime trip” to somewhere like Las Vegas or Monte Carlo is something that will really get them motivated to produce the best possible results.

So, what are you waiting for?

Get in touch with us now for a package!


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You can have an amazing company incentive program on any budget – but you can’t have any amazing incentive program on any budget. Yes, your budget is a deciding factor in which type of incentives we recommend, but our specialty is in helping businesses get the most bangs for their buck.

For our smaller incentive trips, we still take the time to go beyond expectations to create unforgettable experiences. How about speeding over sand dunes in Abu Dhabi in four-wheel drives, horseback riding, and renting private fishing boats for every couple? How about one which included massage treatments at the ME Cabo resort, and a private yacht party out to El Arco with music, food and wine? that evening at a night club, where you’ll dig it out?



Benefits of motivational travels as an incentive on the Company

prof naira-sign-psd-by-d-clem-psd-438894When incentive travel works, there’s nothing better to keep your employees performing at their peak, boost company morale, push teams to work and strategize together, and of course, make more money! Our incentives will keep your employees talking about them for months, staying motivated, and giving you returns that don’t quit.

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