No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on his old, familiar pillow.

– Lin Yutang

Hi, Welcome to the World of ORIT!

We know planning a vacation can be stressful: choosing the destination, finding the right hotel, booking airline tickets, creating an itinerary, researching activities and entertainment…and the list goes on. Now, you have a travel partner that can make things much easier for you!

At ORIT TRAVEL AND TOURS, we pride ourselves on offering true travel consulting, with a specialty in leisure trips, educational tours and cruises. Our team’s passion for travel allows us to offer not just travel packages, but great travel experiences, suited to our customer’s preferences, offered at the best value for their money. Whether your dream vacation includes romancing on the high seas, relaxing on a secluded beach, touring the ancient wonders of the world, sampling gourmet cuisines, having an exotic cultural experience, frolicking in theme parks, sizzling in nonstop casino action, thrill to the drama of a big game hunt, or experiencing the challenge of outdoor adventure travel, we can create the perfect GREAT DESTINATION at the best prices available, just for you!

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Who we are

Orit Travel & Tours is an independently owned travel management company based in Abuja, Nigeria. We are committed to providing high quality, cost effective travel management services wherever you are in the world. Our passionate team, network of travel partners and modern travel management system enables us to support everyone from corporate clients to the adventurous backpackers.


Our vision is to become the most sought after Travel Agency, providing services to all sectors of the business community and individuals through: * Convenient one-stop travel shopping * Best value at best price * Expert guidance * Professional travel advice * Personalized service